1. Featureless Thermal Equilibrium
    Sissy Spacek

  2. Live Hell
    The Cherry Point

  3. Operorue

  4. Loud Sounds Dopa

  5. Phantasmagoria

  6. Night of the Bloody Tapes
    The Cherry Point

  7. 250 Years of AMK

  8. Accessible World
    Skin Graft/John Wiese

  9. Escaped Language
    John Wiese

  10. Drilling A Hole Through The Sky
    Various Artists

  11. s/t
    Sissy Spacek

  12. Scissors
    Sissy Spacek

  13. Discography
    Sleetmute Nightmute

  14. Live at Akihabara Club Goodman
    T. Mikawa/John Wiese/Seiichi Yamamoto

  15. Live at Super Deluxe
    Hair Stylistics/Pain Jerk/John Wiese

  16. Joe & Joe
    Joe & Joe

  17. Live at MOCA

  18. Continuous Hole
    Drew Daniel/John Wiese

  19. Pitched Intervention
    Sissy Spacek

  20. L/L
    Sissy Spacek

  21. Oblique No Strategy
    T. Mikawa/John Wiese

  22. Disfathom
    Sissy Spacek

  23. Reversed Normalization
    Sissy Spacek

  24. Duration Groups
    Sissy Spacek

  25. White Gold
    The Cherry Point and John Wiese

  26. Live At Mark Moore Gallery

  27. Music For Tape And Voice

  28. Under Old Earth They Made Me The Keeper Of The Vineyards But Mine Own Vineyard I Have Not Kept
    Hive Mind

  29. Circle Snare
    John Wiese

  30. Lead Their Exit
    Sissy Spacek

  31. C-Section
    Evan Parker/John Wiese

  32. Multiplication
    Merzbow & John Wiese

  33. Free Piano b/w Hypersomnia
    Merzbow & John Wiese

  34. Dash/Anti-Clockwise
    Sissy Spacek

  35. Mutant Stomps

  36. Sissy Spacek/K2
    Sissy Spacek

  37. Sissy Spacek/Smegma
    Sissy Spacek/Smegma

  38. A Stagnant Plague Cast Through Shallow Earth
    Hive Mind

  39. Neu Dimension
    Hair Stylistics/John Wiese

  40. These Things Happen • Volume 1
    The Haters

  41. These Things Happen • Volume 2
    The Haters

  42. GGA
    John Wiese

  43. Inside And Out
    Ju Suk Reet Meate/Oblivia/John Wiese

  44. The Gossip/Sissy Spacek
    The Gossip/Sissy Spacek

  45. Exoteric
    Metalux & John Wiese


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